Create Your Perfect Date Night… At Home!

Feel like doing something nice for your significant other but everything’s closed? Don’t worry, we got you covered. It does not take much to create a romantic atmosphere, and we’ve broken down how you can create your perfect date night at home. For your love, and well… for you too!

All you need to create a quick and fabulous at-home date night are some fairy lights, scented candles, a ton of cushions, a rug and a coffee table. Depending on how your home is set up, find the comfiest spot in your lounge to place the rug and coffee table (this step should have already been covered when you moved into your place, hopefully). Place the pillows around the coffee table to create a cosy nook. Next, set up the fairy lights on the table, around the cushions, and wherever you may see fit – repeat this step with the candles and light it all up! Now, the only thing left to do is to choose the activity for the night (before getting some real action, that is!).

We’ve compiled a list of activities that you and your partner could venture into for a night of fun, flirt, and frivolity!

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Cheese and Wine It.

Bring out the cheese, wine, and candles and go for a classic picnic-in-the-lounge sitch! Sometimes, simpler is better. This date is dedicated to the non-fussy, classy ones out there who enjoy being pampered, pampering others, and indulging in all the delicious things in life. Put some background music on, let the candles and fairy lights set the mood and enjoy a night of treats and conversation.

Don’t underestimate the power of board games (trust us on this one).
Board games come in all forms these days. Forget the Monopoly and find yourself a new type of game (pun intended). We recommend board games such as Munchkin or Smallworld (Smallworld can be played on a tablet too, but it’s always more fun to have the physical game set). Choose a game that’s strategic but not too competitive. You definitely don’t want to be pissing each other off halfway through. Yes, I’m looking at you, Pictionary!
For those that can’t access board games easily, how about a game of “Never Have I Ever”, which requires nothing else but your personal experience or an app and some drinks. Nothing better than getting to know your partner but beware! Play at your own risk - you might not like what you hear sometimes!


Classic Movie Marathon Night

If you’re a 90’s and 00’s nostalgic, movie date night is the one for you. Make yourself some popcorn, assemble a small but significant supply of junk food, and get cosy with blankets and pillows. IT’S MOVIE MARATHON TIME! So what’s on the to-watch list? Keep it simple and revisit old rom-coms for a totally retro-themed night. We suggest How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Crazy Stupid Love, When Harry Met Sally and Dirty Dancing. Not into the rom-com stuff? Just start The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter film series’. Enough said.

Camp Out in Your Living Room

Camping out in the living room is like glamping, but with every creature comfort you might desire, and it’s indoors. So it’s better. It’s just glam at this point. So, to get this started, what better idea than to create your own blanket fort? You will need all the bedsheet and pillows you have, some tape, some rope, broom/mop sticks, and chairs and tables (to support the structure). Click here for a direct link on the steps to create your own cosy blanket fort.
We love the idea of creating your own little safe haven to share with your partner at home. Sometimes we feel so cramped up staying indoors all the time that we start to neglect one another. We believe that by re-creating a childhood memory that is shared by most and making it happen as a team – such as setting up a blanket fort – is the ideal activity to reinforce bonds and share something special with someone special. Plus, this is a family activity that can include the kids or be a romantic endeavour that also symbolizes a change in scenery.

Whichever way you wish to celebrate your couple, don’t forget to have fun, indulge, and do it with love. It does not take much to create a magical evening. We hope that you enjoyed our suggestions and stay tuned for more!

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