Get Ready for a Career in Fashion!

Are you the ultimate fashion person? Does styling interest you? Got some time? If the answers to those questions were yes, go no further! Follow through with your love of fashion by starting a career in it! How am I going to achieve that, you ask? The Fashion Academy is the perfect place to get you started. We got you covered at Axariya’s Closet!


Let’s face it. We all have some free time on our hands these days. While our lives may have been disrupted by the pandemic, we are all learning to adapt and be prepared for post-lockdown. 


So what do we do with all this time? 


Take social distancing to a whole new level of productivity. Learn the ins and outs of the fashion industry through expert lenses at the Fashion Academy offered by Axariya’s Closet. 


What will I get from the Fashion Academy 

There are 18 modules to be completed through the Fashion Academy course. What you can expect from the modules are the following : 

  • The how-to’s of a stylist, 
  • Body-type training 
  • Personality style training 
  • An introduction to business in fashion 
  • How to be creative in fashion. 
  • Industry tips and secrets from your expert fashion stylist, Donita Taylor
  • Foundational steps to begin your career in Fashion Retail
  • Learn how to grow into a leadership role within the retail landscape


Who will be teaching me at the Fashion Academy?

Donita Taylor is an expert in her field. Having had a successful career in fashion, she has now chosen to dedicate her time to pass on her knowledge to all fashion fanatics! Talk about an insider’s knowledge!


Having worked for brands such as Victoria’s Secret and Nordstrom, Donita is now an entrepreneur who has built a successful business in Fashion with over 23 years in the fashion business. Trust me, you’re in good hands. 


How will the course be delivered?

There are two ways to complete this course. Both are based 100% online. All pandemic Proof!


The first option is a group setting, using Zoom. You will be required to complete 100 hours of classes in order to graduate. 


The second option is if you feel like you would learn better in one-on-one classes, where your progress would be closely monitored and the course delivery would be specifically tailored to you and your needs, individual class mentorship will be delivered on Zoom. Should you choose this option, you will have 60 hours to complete throughout the course. 


Furthermore, if you would rather be reading the content rather than having to interact through audiovisual, that option is also available to you! Find the content at your leisure by browsing through the transcript archives. Now, you have it all at your fingertips.


Where can I work after graduating from the Fashion Academy? 

Whether you’re looking at fashion retail, styling or even starting your own business in fashion, the Fashion Academy will provide you with all the tools and skills you need to pursue your endeavours! Internships are also granted to graduates that maintain a consistent high GPA.


Bonus : You will have a lifetime access to the course modules and content, and any updates made to them! Therefore, you will always have somewhere to turn to after completing the course, should you ever have questions!


A little snippet of my experience in Fashion

I have recently started a fashion course at George Brown college, in Toronto. My career in fashion started as soon as I graduated with a BA in Journalism. Back then, I was living in South Africa and felt so inspired by the afro-punk street style that was uniquely South African, that I started looking for job opportunities in fashion. I managed to score an internship working for a prominent designer, the experience I gained and the contacts I made in such a short amount of time were incredible! I even got to work as a brand ambassador at the South African Fashion Week in 2017.


Following that, I decided that I needed to do more, so I started my own fashion blog, from scratch. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into but found it so enjoyable to be able to be in that fashion sphere. I then went on to become a journalist for a magazine, but they believed that I could offer more so they promoted me to Fashion Stylist. Dream come true much! I loved my job but felt like I was lacking the knowledge and the know-how. That’s how I came to be in Toronto, studying fashion. I must say it was probably the best decision I could have made! There is nothing more important than knowledge, and the fashion industry is no different. Studying fashion is not only fun, it's also the most useful tool to have under your belt. 

I currently applied and was accepted for an internship with Axariya's Closet through their partnership with George Brown College. This is proof that this program works!

The Retail Fashion Academy is an accredited fashion program with partnerships with colleges and universities across Canada.


So what are you waiting for? Be the go-getter that you are and don’t let the pandemic get you down! Get busy, get ahead of schedule and get ready to work in fashion with the Fashion Academy by Axariya’s Closet.