Natural Makeup Brands We Love

Natural make-up has risen in popularity over the last few years. Why? As we develop as a society, we become more conscious of the products we use everyday, where they come from and the brands we choose. Today, making sure that the products we use are “clean” or otherwise organic, made from natural ingredients and do not support animal testing, becomes a crucial aspect when it comes to purchasing decisions. 

The beauty industry has not been known for its compassion towards animals, more often than not subjecting small critters to horrendous situations in the name of beauty. Organizations, such as PETA were formed to fight these types of injustices, but also educate consumers about choosing appropriate brands. Furthermore, aside from the animal cruelty, beauty products may sometimes contain harmful chemical contents that could be damaging to people and beauty brands may be sourcing their ingredients in unethical ways that may have a heavy environmental footprint. All those reasons contribute to why consumers are changing their behaviours when it comes to beauty purchases. 

In response to this developing attitude towards the beauty market, beauty brands and experts began to shift their approach en masse. More and more brands emerged that were loud and proud over their clean beauty products, and consumers have been loving and growing this industry ever since. The reason as to why natural make-up only became popular in the last few years was due to the poor quality of these products at the time. Colours would fade, the scent might have been unappealing and prices were hiked up. Today, we find that the natural make-up industry can easily compete with the beauty industry and has created products that have been innovative and completely successful. As Rose-Marie Swift, a prominent make-up artist and entrepreneur and creator of RMS Beauty, said, “Eventually the clean beauty industry will just become…the beauty industry. 

So now that we know more about natural make-up, let’s delve into the brands we love. This particular industry has been flooded with new and innovative brands, or established brands that wanted to make a significant change. We’ve highlighted our favourite picks below! 

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Axariya’s Closet Natural Make-up Picks


  • Bite Beauty
    This brand was created by Toronto founder Susanne Langmuir. Her beauty lip line is created from all-natural ingredients that are naturally plumping and offer high pigmentation and shine.
  • DaLish Cosmetics
    Melanie Cruickshank is the Toronto-based creator of DaLish Cosmetics, which offers a line of ‘uncomplicated beauty’, which refers to minimal natural ingredients that are kept simple and clean. Her cosmetic line includes  everything from tinted lip balms to delicious liquid eyeshadows.
  • Zorah Biocosmétiques
    One of the newer brands to be featured, this Quebec-based brand offers a high-end argan-based range of cosmetics. From concealers to mascara, this brand has some amazing product reviews to match. They also prove that buying green beauty does not equate to a lower standard of quality.
  • Victoria Radford
    This particular brand is innovative, choosing the tag line, “makeup that’s skincare”, which says it all! Victoria Radford offers an amazing range of foundation sticks that are nourishing and luxurious, amongst other things. 


  • BareMinerals
    BareMinerals is a San-Francisco based beauty brand which, as the name suggests, employs the use of minerals as ingredients for their products. They are widely known for their loose powders and primers, which are lightweight and resistant while not being harmful to the skin.
  • Illia Beauty
    Created by Sasha Plavsic in Vancouver and now based in Los Angeles, this beauty brand is one to contend with! With an incredibly popular range of products that vary from mascaras to illuminators, Illia is an all-natural make-up brand that is innovative and worth every penny.
  • Tarte
    This New York based beauty brand uses vegan and cruelty-free ingredients to produce sexy, flirty richly pigmented lip products and are also known for their Amazonian clay.
  • RMS Beauty
    RMS Beauty is probably the most popular natural make-up brands out there, and for good reason. Created by Rose-Marie Swift, a mogul when it comes to the world of make-up artists, who started feeling ill and found out that the harsh chemicals found in make-up products were the  root cause of her illness. That experience happened to be the catalyst to the creation of RMS Beauty, which prides itself with 10 years of success and growth. 
  • Rituel de Filles
    Created by three sisters and based in Los Angeles, this luxe brand has grown exponentially in popularity over the last few years. With their recycled aluminium packaging and their versatile range of products made from natural ingredients, Rituel de Filles is a brand to look out for globally. Their most popular product being their highlighter that leaves a luminous and dewy finish on the skin and is often raved about. 

We hope that you found this article useful and are considering to switch over to the natural side of things, if you haven’t already!  

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