The Shape of Style- Inverte Triangle Body Type

 This week I will be sharing styling tips for every body type. Today we cover the Inverte Body Type.  These tips can help you as you shop for the new Fall season, weight gain or loss, a recent breakup or breakthrough. You’re guaranteed to have an elevated look if you follow these Styling Tips! If you struggle with making your purchase because you’re not sure if you made the right choice for your body type give us a call or send us an email and a Stylist will contact you.

Inverte Triangle Body Shape: Celebrity- Angelina Jolie

-Wider at the shoulder or bust with narrower hips and legs

Goal in dressing: Balance top with fuller, more interesting bottom.

You should wear:

Lower rise bootcut or flared pants with interesting details or fabrics

Volume, embellishments and interesting fabrics/design elements on the bottom

Halter necklines to create the illusion of narrower shoulders


You should avoid:

Baggy Bottoms

Very plain bottoms paired with more interesting tops

Volume, embellishments and interesting fabrics/design elements on top

Double-breasted and high-necked styles


Some Items in our store for this season that will work for your body type:


Wild Child Jumpsuit, Mariah Skinny Jeans Dark Denim, Egypt Pants, Confidence Bandage Dress


Alannah Cami Top, Cali Life Top, Egypt Top,Casual Vibes Button Down Top


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