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How Russian Culture Inspired
Coco Chanel

Candice Lee


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My Journey with PCOS and my Weight Loss Journey
Try a low-carb diet on for size

It should be said that no one diet is the magic fix for women with PCOS—and that the type of diet you choose is less important than whether you're able to stick with it long-term.“There’s no evidence that one diet is better than another, so compliance is critical,” says Dumesic.That said low-carb diets tend to work well for women with PCOS, because they tend to be insulin-resistant.

Donita Taylor

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The shape of style-Hourglass body type Rectangle

Styles that hide the waistline like babydoll, boxy or bubble shapes.
Any fabrics or details that give the illusion of bulkiness to the top or bottom (chunky knits). 

Donita Taylor

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Donita Taylor

The Shape of Style: Rectangle Body Shape
The last entry to our body type series is the rectangle body shape.

Balanced hip and shoulder or bust width, no clearly defined or a wider waistline.
Goal in dressing:
Give the illusion of a smaller waist and curves.
You should wear:
Volume at the top and bottom to create curves.

Donita Taylor

This week I will be sharing styling tips for every body type.

Lower rise bootcut or flared pants with interesting details or fabrics.
Volume, embellishments and interesting fabrics/design elements on the bottom.

Donita Taylor

I always felt creative being in dance and drama classes. I felt like all of my favorite movie stars and singers were dressed impeccably.

Bootcut, straight or flared pants with simple design elements
Dark, Matte fabrics on the bottom
Volume, embellishments and interesting fabrics/design elements on the top.

Donita Taylor

Natural make-up has risen in popularity over the last few years. Why? As we develop as a society, we become more conscious of the products we use everyday.

The beauty industry has not been known for its compassion towards animals, more often than not subjecting small critters to horrendous situations in the name of beauty. Organizations, such as PETA were formed to fight these types of injustices.

Tatiana Raojee

Most of the time the struggle is real between what I want to keep for sentimental reasons, functionality for work.

This will help you organize in an insightful way, also a great walk down memory lane. For the items you like hang your hangers in one direction and the less favorable items hang in the opposite direction so.

Donita Taylor

Feel like doing something nice for your significant other but everything’s closed? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

All you need to create a quick and fabulous at-home date night are some fairy lights, scented candles, a ton of cushions, a rug and a coffee table. Depending on how your home is set up, find the comfiest spot in your lounge to.

Tatiana Raojee

Summer fashion can seem so restricted if you don’t have the budget to add some new pieces. 

A fun and fresh way to style your denim jacket would be to wear it oversized. You can wear it over your shoulders on summer days, and have It ready for a cool night. An oversized jacket gives you the ‘cool girl’ denim vibe that is so on trend.

Donita Taylor


Imagine the time when you were a child. Think about the people you interacted with, the places you visited, and the activities you did. When your parents enrolled you in kindergarten, you were surprised by the number of classmates you had. During recess, you interacted with all of them and found out.

Candice lee

How a Denim Jacket Can Revive Your Summer Wardrobe.5 Tips on Maximizing Your Summer Style With Your Favorite Denim Jacket.

Summer fashion can seem so restricted if you don’t have the budget to add some new pieces. Good news, there should be a staple in your closet that will totally revive and even reinvent your summer wardrobe: the denim jacket.

Donita Taylor